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Tell me a story, or Go Away!

Bedtime stories I told my Daughter.

By Elizabeth Massaro


Don’t Invite Disaster!

 as told to Emily, one evening Circa 2002.

 Once upon a time there were three mice who lived under a rather nice, large, brown mushroom in forest.  They were happy mice.  They had plenty of food and their house was warm in the winter and cool in the summer, as it was underground.  The mice were named, Thoreau, Ishmael, and Richard. 

 Now, Thoreau was a very philosophical mouse.  He was always wondering about things.  Often he wondered why all the animals of the forest couldn’t get along and be friends.  He was always going on about how things could be better if we could all “just get along.”  Ishmael was an adventurous mouse.  He was always getting into trouble, but somehow he always escaped unharmed.  And Richard, well he was just Richard.  He didn’t go out much and he didn’t say very much to anyone.  He was a private mouse, who enjoyed his own thoughts and watching television.

 One day, out of nowhere, Thoreau decided that the three mice should have a party! Not just any party, but a real hum dinger!  “Let’s invite everyone in the forest!” He declared.  “That way we can show everyone our good will and good intent!”

“Oh that sounds exciting,” said Ishmael.

“It sounds expensive, and like a lot of trouble,” said Richard.

“I’ll send out the invitations,” said Thoreau. 

And so he did.  He sent an invitation to everyone in the forest, the rabbits, the robins, the squirrels, and the chipmunks.  He also invited the fox, the weasel, and the snake!  Now, some of the other animals heard who was coming, and for some reason, one by one all of the other mice,  robins, rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks sent their apologies to the mice.  They would be unable to attend the party it seemed, for one reason or another.

This troubled Thoreau, who had wanted a big party.

“Oh well, at least some of the animals are still coming,” he reasoned.  “We can still have quite an interesting time!”

 Now, Richard had been troubled about the party, since he heard the proposal.  He wanted to go to his brother’s home in the oak tree until the party was over to avoid the noise and the crowd.  But Thoreau and Ishmael would have none of it.  They insisted that Richard be a good friend and entertain with them, so Richard, being a timid mouse who didn’t like disagreement, agreed to stay and entertain.


The day of the party came and Thoreau and Ishmael were so excited they couldn’t stand it!  Richard just wanted the whole thing to be over.

Promptly at 8:00 p.m., the guests all arrived together. 

“Welcome friends,” said Thoreau excitedly! “We have plenty of good things to eat!”


“So we see! Said the snake, the weasel and the fox together!” And they promptly each grabbed a mouse and ate him up.


The end.

Moral of this story: Don’t invite disaster, and don’t be intimidated into agreeing to the demands of so-called friends!




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